LENDIS Corporation was founded in 1992 to provide planning, engineering, and systems integration services and products to commercial and government clients. A young dynamic organization, our staff offers a distinct blend of capabilities, innovation, and experience. We specialize in two practice areas that critically affect today's society: Transportation Engineering and Computer Technologies.

Our services range from highly theoretical engineering research to the application of advanced technology for everyday use. We are particularly proud of our unique capability in bridging the gap between state-of-the-art technology and practical applications. From the most advanced computer software/hardware for ITS (Intelligent Transportation Systems) implementations, to the site management of automated data processing (ADP) services, LENDIS has the experience and expertise to deliver the services and products to the complete satisfaction of clients, on time and within budget.

We deliver on time and within budget.

Our Transportation Engineering Division can help you.

Traffic Saftey Research
HSIS (Highway Safety Information system) maintenance and operation; statisitical analysis using SAS; saftey impacts of roadway geometric and operational factors; consultation services in HSIS access and application; human factor applications in traffic saftey; safety resources allocation and budgeting.
Urban Traffic Engineering
Intersection design and capacity analysis; traffic signal timing optimization; traffic impact studies; transit operations; multimodal corridor studies; transit operations.
Software Development
Development of simulation models; simulation of traffic management plans; expert system development; application of computer graphics; geographic information systems; database management; executive information systems; system integration (including LAN, WAN, etc).
Research and Training
ITS technology research, transfer, and implementation; GPS applications and navigation; development and presentation of training courses for decision-makers, engineering staffs, and technicians.
Transportation Planning
Travel simulation and forecasting; land use forecasting; level of service analysis; TSM programs; environmental impact studies; emergency response and evacuation planning; transportation surveys; noise monitoring/modeling.
Freeway Operations
Ramp metering; HOV lanes planning and operation; weigh-in-motion systems; incident detection and management; planning and design of toll facilities; real time freeway control systems.

Our corporate principal has over 35 years of experience in the government services industry.

Our Computer Technologies Division can help you, too!

Custom Software Systems Development
System planning, analysis, and design; source programs in dBase/Clipper, C, C++, Clarion, Delphi, Fox Pro, FORTRAN, Java, JavaScript, SAS, SQL, Pascal, VB, 4D, and others; acceptance testing; system documentation including specifications, test plans, quality control plans, user manuals, programmers reference manuals, and quick reference guides; training/end users support; software maintenance; configuration management; quality assurance and quality control.
Hardware Systems Integration and Implementation
Microcomputers; UNIX workstations; mini/mainframe computers; micro networks (LAN's and WAN's); gateway links; system cabling; facilities management.
Office Automation
Network administration support; Internet/Intranet installation; interactive web pages development; third party applications support; code library management; ADP service accounts management; computer graphics and desk-top publishing.
Computerized Data Acquisition
Pavement stresses and strain; pile foundation strains; pavement profile and roughness; traffic flow data.

We have a solid track record managing corporate resources in support of our operation and our clients.

LENDIS has formal, established management policies and procedures, based on a people-oriented management philosophy and supported by automated accounting and management information systems. Our focus is on quality services, competitively priced and delivered in a timely and responsive manner.

Having an extremely streamlined corporate structure, LENDIS' corporate style blends effective management controls with encouragement of creativity and independence. The demand for technical excellence, steady yet unobtrusive controls, and rewards for innovative judgement create a milieu at LENDIS where job satisfaction and client service are inextricably mixed.

For on-site projects in particular, our management of people, technical work, and financial and material resources is exclusively project- or contract-oriented. This functional approach to management encourages direct client access to LENDIS staff actually performing the work and enhances the responsiveness of our efforts. A LENDIS project team is much more than just a group of individuals pulled together to fulfill a single contract. It is expected to function as a real team: a cohesive unit of professionals working together to fulfill current objectives and to anticipate future needs.

We are located in McLean, Virginia.

(Right next to the bustling Tysons Corner area!)

The office is furnished with modern equipment including computers, graphics and reproduction facilities, facsimile, and conference areas. A second office is maintained onsite at the Federal Highway Administration's (FHWA) Turner-Fairbank Highway Research Center (TFHRC) in McLean, Virginia.

Interested? Here are some projects we've completed.